Air Cleaning& Management GmbH is a company based in Wedel, Germany which develops, produces and distributes unique air cleaning products based on special biological technology. All business activities are directed from the head-office in Wedel.

The idea to develop products for effective air cleaning based on an innovative biological technology was formed by the professional Perfumer Holger Meyer, who was therein influenced by his biological and chemical knowledge. Since his death in 1994 his son Andreas A. H. Meyer has overtaken the responsibility for the good quality and the further development of the products as well as the company ́s economic wellbeing. Since the year 2012, he has shared the company with Stephanie Meyer.

With the air cleaning Sinodeen®products  Air cleaning& Management GmbH can successfully pursue the purpose of protecting and improving people’s health and quality of life. This is in addition to the  important and efficient protection of environment.


The international distribution of the goods is mainly effected by independently appointed- dealers who are due to their long-lasting experiences with Sinodeen® able to offer their customers individual and complete solutions for their unique problems. If required also the necessary technical equipment can be offered and installed. Following close contact with the customers an intensive service can be guaranteed.

The efficiency of the Sinodeen® products with regards to the reduction and elimination of unpleasant odours has been proved by scientific institutes. Several tests and durable implementations in various fields of application have confirmed the impressive results of the scientific researches and the remarkable quality of the products.

Due to the various fields of application and the increasing importance of the environment Sinodeen®  can help to solve countless odour-problems worldwide.


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